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Living Organized, LLC provides organizing services to residential and business clients in Connecticut and New York.

  • What are the benefits of hiring a professional organizer?

A professional organizer will help you sort and categorize your items so that you know where things are and be able to find things easily!  Having excess items in your space simply takes up your energy and can negatively impact different areas of your life.  Clearing the clutter helps to eliminate chaos.  It helps you save time - you won't spend valuable time searching for things, you'll know where they are and be able to find items faster. 

Organizing your physical space through decluttering, discarding old items that are no longer needed, and giving items away to people so that they can have a new life and be enjoyed by others can have tremendous emotional and psychological effects.  By making decisions on your items, you are in control. 
Establishing an organizational system that works for you can help avoid future clutter from accumulating in your home.

  • Why is it important to have an organized and neat space?

Having too much clutter can be draining.  It can complicate your life by causing you to use your precious time looking for items.  Each day, time is lost searching for missing keys, phone, bills that need to paid, or papers that need to be filed and signed or mailed out.  Once you start the organizing process you will feel motivated and lighter.  Feeling lighter is a wonderful psychological side effect of organizing, by getting rid of things we no longer use or need, we are making space in our lives for things that we do use and need.  You will find that once you start organizing, it can be energizing!

  • How much does professional organizing cost?

Since each client and project is unique, cost estimates are provided after the initial consultation.  Typically, professional organizing costs range from what you would pay for a cleaning service to the costs of hiring an interior decorator.  While my rate is hourly, I do provide discounts for pre-paid packages.

  • Will I have to throw a lot of things away?

Not unless you want to.  The main goal of organizing is to make a space as functional as possible.  Sometimes this means storing items that aren't used very often in an attic or garage, donating them, or discarding them if they're no longer in good condition, or simply tidying or shifting items around.  Think of it this way - if there are infrequently used items in a space, then they are taking up prime real estate.  This space can be instead for items that are used regularly.  Type your paragraph here.