Living Organized, LLC works with home owners, parents, businesses, seniors, and mental health clients. All work is confidential and


Living Organized, LLC provides organizing services to residential and business clients in Connecticut and New York.

Living Organized, LLC

offers a wide variety of professional organizing services, from designing a functional closet, to organizing a kitchen with purposeful zones, helping with paperwork management and filing, floor planning, teaching time management skills and goal setting, transitioning to a senior facility, moving, and downsizing.  Call today to find out more!

Living Organized, LLC uses select questions and observation during the initial consultation to assess how you use your space and determine how it can be improved.



  • Home/Residential
  • Corporate/Business
  • Special Populations
  • Mental Health Clients
  • Seniors
  • Floor Planning


Analyzing your space and developing a strategy are keys to planning. We will discuss the steps needed to start organizing your space and taking it to the next level.  

Principles and strategies of professional organizing will be applied from start to finish in order to give you a functional and organized space you will be very pleased with.


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